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hello fedi! i've recently just launched version 3.0 of my website, in time for the new year!

it'd mean a lot if you checked it out~!

I've refreshed almost every page, given it a new coat of paint, and added alt text to almost every image!

Check it out at ~!

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Docker didn't start back up after system updates due to a bad firewall config. Ooops

Enabled Discord login to my matrix instance. Feels dirty....

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still thinking abt that post that is like

me: i want a digital synthesizer where can i get one of those,,

yamaha: we make digital synthesizers!

me: ok now this is gonna sound a little weird but i am also looking for a new motorcycle

yamaha: you'll never guess what else we make...

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isnt the straight pride parade just the chickfila drive thru line

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In a fully functioning representative democracy every person living in the country would vote in every election

Disagreeing with this is a red flag to me

Some counterpoints addressed:

"Only citizens should vote" - Everyone permanently living in the country should be considered a citizen.
"What if you don't like any of the candidates" - There should be an option for "none of these"
"What if you don't know enough about the candidates" - As above, but also people should be sufficiently informed
"(Bad group) shouldn't vote" - The government would have to be able to decide who's allowed to vote which would be abused immediately
"How is everyone going to be able to vote" - There should be polling places f-n everywhere and the election should be a holiday with mandatory paid time off, probably more than one day
"Being forced to do things is undemocratic" - You're also forced to pay taxes and follow traffic laws, democracies still force people to do things sometimes (theoretically) for the benefit of society
"I don't like democracy" - Sorry there isn't a good alternative yet, let us know if you find one that works at scale, isn't more oppressive, and deals with the existence of assholes

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hot take SLS is completely redundant and preposterously expensive given available and upcoming commercial offerings and the entire program should have been scrapped years ago

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Matrix server:
discord bridge ✔
signal bridge ✔

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Door handle assembly where when you turn it a little thing pops out and shoves the door open.

So I've setup a matrix homeserver, now a mastodon instance. Why? more like why not? Yeah, there's plenty of reasons, but whatever, I wanted to.


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